How can people access Crusader’s Products and Services?

Crusader’s policies are sold through independent agents and brokers. If you want to consider buying insurance from Crusader you can call us for an agency referral or you can ask your insurance broker to call us for you.

Brokers can access Crusader’s policies by contacting Unifax Insurance Systems, Inc. Brokers that are new to Unifax
can start their process by clicking here.

Does Crusader offer agency appointments?

Yes. A very select group of licensed producers works closely with us as agents, company representatives.

What is the relationship between Unifax and Crusader?

Unifax is the general agent for Crusader. Both firms are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Unico American Corporation.

Who is Unico American Corporation (“Unico”)?

Unico is a publicly owned insurance holding company, traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol UNAM. Unifax and Crusader are subsidiaries of Unico. Unico has numerous additional operating entities to provide comprehensive and innovative commercial coverage options, dental and healthcare programs, and it also provides support services such as premium financing.

Does Crusader offer towing and trucking programs?


Does Crusader work with General Agents and Surplus Lines Brokers?


Does Crusader provide coverage for “Assault and Battery” claims?

“Assault and Battery” is a legally-defined act, often arising from criminal conduct; and in most states the law forbids insurance companies from underwriting the commission of criminal acts. Nonetheless, some insurance companies use policy forms titled “Assault and Battery Endorsement” or “Assault and Battery Exclusion.” Generally speaking, those types of forms severely limit or exclude the coverage, not expand or grant it.

Each event that involves allegations of “Assault and Battery” is composed of its own unique circumstances, sometimes involving patron vs. patron, sometimes involving patron vs. employee, sometimes involving employee vs. employee. Sometimes a claim of “Assault and Battery” is not even alleged in the original lawsuit but is later added to litigation against our policyholders, policyholders who nonetheless desire a defense from the outset of such litigation.

Crusader’s objective in drafting liability coverage grants is to be fair and reasonable and for its coverage to be understandable. We believe that it is not reasonable to require customers to purchase liability coverage by patching together as many different descriptions of covered events as might be imagined. Instead, our policies are written broadly and intelligibly, so as to cover most events that the insured might reasonably be held legally liable, except for those specifically excluded or otherwise outside of the parameters of the law or of the policy’s terms and conditions.